Many people feel a strong connection or interest in Jesus but are unable to reconcile the Jesus of the Church with the Jesus they understand. This isn’t surprising given the recent years of biblical debunking which has occurred via biblical criticism.

In the past 50 years there has been the discovery of the Nag Hammadi, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Ugaritic texts at Ras Shamrah that give much insight into not only the origins of Christianity, but of Judaism as well.

Being deeply spiritual does not mean being unintelligent. Once biblical inerrancy was revealed to be a myth in itself, many people reevaluated the way they understood Jesus and what he taught about the way to God.

In Gospel of Thomas, we find what might very well be some of the original teachings of Jesus. Much evidence exists for an early dating, at least as early as Mark, and it has been posited in scholarly circles that Mark may have even used Thomas as a source.  Those who would argue against the early dating and denounce it as a later work of heretics have not fully studied the origins, or perhaps it is a topic that simply challenges their faith. And that is okay. We each have our own path to God.

Here, at Community of the Passersby, we aim to be a community of individuals living as lay Nuns and Monks  that can come together online for interaction and communication. We realize that none of us has all the answers and that we are each fallible in our own beliefs. At the same time, we feel that discussing these texts, the logion and how they may be applied to our lives today, or what we find troubling about current canonical texts can help us to better know the God that Jesus and his early disciples were talking about.

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